Coloring Books for Kids & Adults

Hello stationery lover! Today I bring you a very complete post that I know you will like. I have been crazy for a while to use all the material that I have stored at home, and at this time of year with the high temperatures, there are hours of the day that it is impossible to go outside.

Whether you are an adult, or if you have children, I see no better plan than to spend a relaxed summer table cultivating your creativity and making use of all those pencils, markers and watercolors that we always die to use but that always end up stored in a drawer.

Honestly, it is a post that I am going to enjoy, since I have always liked crafts, especially the mandalas to paint greatly reduce my daily stress and make me disconnect for a while.

Coloring books

I have created a rigorous selection of coloring books, divided into adult coloring books, and children coloring books. I have used some of the books that appear in the post or I use them regularly in my daily routine.

Adult Coloring Books

Avenue Mandarine Coloriadge Wild

This book is a beauty, it incorporates beautiful feminine illustrations with wild motifs, inspired by the forest.

The weight of the paper is very good, so it allows you to paint the drawings with various techniques, such as colored pencils, watercolors or markers.

In addition, the drawings are duplicated, so you can paint them in different ways.

I definitely recommend it, once you finish painting the drawings you can frame them and even give them away.

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PEPIN PRESS Coloring Books

The coloring books of the PEPIN PRESS brand are all wonderful. They have a collection based on different styles and trends, my favorite is the book Still Life Bouquet , but you can find these other titles, also highly recommended:

* prices are approximate, you can access the products by clicking on the link

This collection is ideal to reduce stress and use the technique that you like, since its paper is resistant (180 grams), it will allow you to get a very beautiful and professional finish. If you have already started with other books with simpler illustrations and want to take another step, you certainly have to take a look at this selection.

The secret Garden

Both the Secret Garden and the Enchanted Forest are two coloring books by author Johanna Basford, world-famous editions with more than 20 spectacular prints containing beautiful botanical-style illustrations.

With these books I have spent hours and hours entertaining, they leave your mind totally blank and you just let yourself go, I promise you that if you opt for this collection, time will fly by.

Perhaps the paper is not as resistant as in the books I have quoted above, I would recommend that you use coloring pencils, such as Faber Castell’s.

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Mandalas to paint

You could not miss the mandala coloring books in this selection. There is a lot of variety and styles of this theme, they are usually very economical and many illustrations come to meditate, inspire you and help you find tranquility and balance.

I leave here some very interesting titles:

  • Mandalas For Meditation: Coloring Book For Adults 
  • Adult coloring book: 80 Mandalas & Positive Thoughts 
  • Live Nature: Coloring Book for Adults: Volume 1 
  • Antistress Art: 100 Coloring Sheets 
  • Coloring Books Children

    The colorful monster

    The “The Monster of Colors” books are super fun and simple. There is a main story-type book, and as a complement they have the notebook to draw and color .

    It is a super entertaining book since the child will have to identify and paint emotions of the right color. It is a very creative learning tool, your child will love it.

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    Drawing School for children

    The collection of books «School of Drawing for children» are a great option to learn to draw and color. The books include very simple steps from simple ways, to motivate and inspire children in the development of their creativity.

    I leave a series of titles of this collection:

    Actually, they are a very powerful learning tool, since many times in schools they are not taught to draw from specific guidelines. The child will be very proud of his drawing!

    Mandalas for children

    Mandalas are not just adults, they also help improve the concentration and attention of the little ones. In addition, they will relax for a while and stimulate their creativity.

    Here I leave a selection of mandalas to paint :

    The illustrations are beautiful, with quality paper and very affordable prices.

    Books to Play

    In this selection of books could not miss the books of the author Hervé Tullet. And I have not been able to stay with only one, I have to recommend several, almost by obligation.

    They are interactive books, fun and easy to paint.

    Colorful battles: A book to play with Hervé Tullet 

    It is a book to have fun, scribble, color, scratch and paint. It is a very good, beautiful and original product. Are you ready for a true battle of colors?

    To draw! from Hervé Tullet 

    More than a book, it is a game that includes 36 polka dot cards where we can read what to draw, 30 striped letters, where we can read the way in which to draw, 6 colored cards in the form of templates and 1 dice .

    To play you have to raise a polka dot card and a striped card, according to the instructions that appear, we must make the drawing. With the dice we choose to have a color template.

    It is a good option to work creativity, stroke, memory or attention.

    Benefits of coloring books

    If you have read the whole article and have come here, you will have realized the multiple benefits that these books have both in adults and children.

    Some of the benefits are:

    • They help you relax and disconnect
    • They promote creativity
    • Improve your attention span and concentration
    • Improve your pictorial and stroke technique
    • Improve your self-esteem
    • They fight stress and anxiety

    And also in children:

    • Develop learning capacity
    • They develop and stimulate their creativity
    • They experiment with colors and techniques
    • They have fun and learn while they play

    Still not convinced? I already have the perfect plan for hot and boring desktops; watercolors, music and a lot of creativity🙂